Published 11/15/23
In episode 69, Stephen chats with editor in chief of Imbibe Magazine, Paul Clarke, toward the end of their Imbibe in Kyushu Distillery Tour.
Published 11/15/23
In episode 68 of the Japan Distilled podcast, Stephen puts Christopher on the spot with an impromptu spirits evaluation.
Published 10/31/23
In episode 67, Stephen delves into the origins of Mizu Shochu with founder, Jesse Falowitz. Believed to be the 1st shochu ever developed specifically for the export market, Mizu has been a trendsetter for over a decade now.
Published 10/17/23
In episode 66, Stephen chats with former professional skateboarder Jason Rogers, founder of Yabai Chuhai.
Published 09/27/23
In episode 65 of the Japan Distilled podcast, we discuss something that is often overlooked in discussions of distilled spirits production. What's happening inside the pot still?
Published 09/13/23
In episode 64, Stephen takes the show on the road and interviews Chris Anderson-Tarver of Denver Distillery in Colorado.
Published 08/23/23
In episode 63, Christopher Pellegrini takes the interviewer's chair as he welcomes his friend and fellow Tokyo Swallows fan, Mac Salman of Kanpai Planet.
Published 08/11/23
In episode 62, our hosts dive into our 2nd ever shochu distillery profile. This one for Sanwa Shurui, makers of iichiko shochu.
Published 07/19/23
In the 61st episode of the Japan Distilled podcast, at long last your hosts dive into soba shochu.
Published 07/12/23
In the 60th episode of the Japan Distilled podcast, your hosts take a long, hard look at koji cocktails. That is, cocktails made with koji based spirits.
Published 06/20/23
In Episode 59 of The Japan Distilled Podcast, your co-hosts profile Mitosaya Botanical Distillery in Chiba Prefecture, makers of some of the most interesting eau de vie we’ve ever tried. 
Published 06/02/23
In this bonus episode addendum to the 58th episode of the Japan Distilled podcast, guest host Matt Alt joins Stephen Lyman to reveal and discuss the finalists for the 1st ever Japan Distilled Koji Spirits Cocktail Competition.
Published 05/19/23
In the 58th episode of the Japan Distilled podcast, guest host Matt Alt joins Stephen Lyman to discuss the origins of Japanese cocktail culture.
Published 05/16/23
In episode 57 of the Japan Distilled podcast, your host Stephen Lyman is joined by author and podcaster Jim Rion for a deep dive on sanaburi shochu, one of the original forms of kasutori shochu.
Published 04/25/23
In episode 56 of the Japan Distilled podcast, your hosts Christopher Pellegrini & Stephen Lyman dive deeper into Ryukyu Awamori, which is the oldest distilling tradition in Japan.
Published 04/11/23
In episode 55 of the Japan Distilled podcast, Stephen & Christopher try to build a $200 USD home bar full of delicious koji spirits.
Published 03/17/23
In episode 54 of the Japan Distilled podcast, we discuss something that is almost never talked about in spirits. Dilution. Nearly all distilled beverage alcohol has water added before bottling. Why is that? And why is it so incredibly important in Japan?
Published 03/03/23
In the 53rd episode of the Japan Distilled podcast, we complete Jokichi Takamine's improbable journey and reflect on his legacy. This is the 2nd in a 2 part series so if you missed episode 52, we recommend you go back and have a listen about Jokichi Takamine's formative years.
Published 02/16/23
In the 52nd episode of the Japan Distilled podcast, we take you through the foundational years of the improbable and remarkable journey of the first Japanese person to ever make whiskey: Jokichi Takamine. It's probably not too much to say that Jokichi Takamine is the most important Japanese immigrant to ever live in the United States. His whiskey is just a small part of his story.
Published 02/03/23
In our 51st episode we take stock of things and decide to reflect on the effects alcohol has on our bodies while considering ways to more safely enjoy these drinks we know and love.
Published 01/17/23
In 50th episode we have a little spirits Q&A fun with our hosts answering listener questions about topics ranging from underrated distilleries to Casper the Friendly Ghost.
Published 12/30/22
In episode 49, our hosts profile Furusawa Distillery, the only distillery in Japan that has had not just one, but two female presidents. Includes a brief interview with current toji, Masako Furusawa, who is the 5th generation owner.
Published 12/24/22
In episode 48, our hosts have a little fun by jumping into the weird, unusual, or shall we even say, uncanny shochu styles that make up a sliver of the category, but make shochu such an odd spirit to categorize.
Published 12/06/22
In episode 47, our hosts move beyond WTO Geographic Indications and begin exploring regional styles that do not have GI protection. Easily, the one most associated with a specific region is Oita 100% barley shochu.
Published 11/17/22