(2/23/24), FRI, Hour 3: Caller: "silent prayer question",
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TOPIC: JERRY GA: "biblical question", ANTHONY TRINIDAD: "silent prayer question", DAN CT: "I got angry recently, what went wrong?", BRIAN OR: "arrested the other day at kid's school", RICARDO CA: "why do I have to GO and forgive?", SUPERCHATS, JAMES CA: "how do I know if I am trapped?", JAMES CA: "biblical question question"
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Published 04/12/24
TOPIC: Masters Golf, Scottie Scheffler, Masters Golf tournament, "comment on Golf", "comment on sinning", "the lives that matter", "question re: forgiveness", HAKE NEWS with James Hake, SUPERCHATS, "situation with my mother", HAKE NEWS with James Hake, HOUR THREE, Trump at Chick-Fil-A in GA,...
Published 04/11/24