The Rise Of The Copilots: Inside Microsoft Announcements To Bring AI To Daily Life
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This week Microsoft launched a barrage of Copilots, Copilot development tools, and new infrastructure and Azure services to help IT departments, vendors, and individuals apply AI to our everyday life. In this #podcast I discuss the implications of this transformational new set of tools, and how important they will be to all areas of HR. These applications include recruiting, onboarding, training, leadership development, coaching, wellbeing, and of course day to day productivity. I also discuss the implications of Microsoft's relationship with OpenAI and the difference between Microsoft's strategy and Google's AI strategy unleashed a week earlier. And I briefly discuss the Josh Bersin Copilot we will be previewing at our conference in June. Additional Information Microsoft's Massive Copilot Announcements Microsoft Build 2023: all the news and announcements from the developer conference Microsoft Build 2023: Five Top Announcements Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott thinks Sydney might make a comeback Microsoft Goes All In On Plug-ins for AI Apps  
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