Jen Aniston, Britney’s Dad, with Brandy and Julie
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I’m live in Boston, Philly, and DC! Get tickets at Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman are here! Melinda Gates snagged a boyfriend. Jennifer Aniston regrets not freezing her eggs. Sylvester Stallone has a reality show, so Chris was right about his fake divorce. Sister Wives’ Robin is freaking out that she is stuck alone with Kody. RHSLC might want to recruit Christine. Then I made them watch Orgasm on Netflix, and none of us are ok because of it. We try to help our friend bone the Sexiest Man Alive and Tell Me Lies stars are dating and thirsty for a second season, Get extra juice on Patreon: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 11/14/22
I’m live in Boston, Philly, and DC! Get tickets at Justin and I are back from our Texas Live shows, and we have so much Juicy Scoop to discuss. There was a protester at my show. I had a scary hotel situation go viral. A woman was thrown out of my show, and we went to the...
Published 11/08/22