High Ticket Mindset - What Level Do You See Yourself At?
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how much you earn depends on what level you see yourself at. How you see yourself is critical to how much you charge and how much you make. Perhaps you are comparing yourself to others out there, especially the gurus and influencers. Maybe you have imposter syndrome Maybe you hold yourself back or beat yourself up too much. Maybe you lack enough confidence to take bold action? Maybe you do not have the courage to truly let yourself shine bright! Let's unpack this and dig in! I even get personal on this episode, so dig in and enjoy!  
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Published 09/20/23
Your Peers are not your customers.  Your peers don't buy your stuff.  I mean, your friends and family and colleagues do not buy your stuff and are not your target market.  Your friends and family think they can get you for free. They'll just ask you to dinner or lunch, but they really want your...
Published 09/20/23
Be An Affluent Person If you want to achieve more in business as an entrepreneur, then you have to transform into an affluent person.  You cannot have stinking thinking and expect to achieve anything extraordinary.  It requires having an affluent mindset or BEING an affluent person. If you see...
Published 09/19/23