The Quest For Character
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History is filled with countless examples of success and failure ranging from individuals to entire nations. Massimo Pigliucci focuses on two people in particular in his book "The Quest For Character," Socrates and Alcibiades, a philosopher and a politician. We discuss how philosophers influence their politicians, how that affects the politicians jurisdiction and decision making, and whether or not arete, or excellence or virtue, can be taught and instilled in other people. 
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My guest today is Dr. Massimo Pigliucci, an Evolutionary Biologist & Philosopher. Dr. Pigliucci earned a PhD in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Connecticut and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Tennessee. He currently serves as the K.D. Irani Professor of Philosophy at...
Published 02/02/23
The theme of today's episode revolves around a few aspects of discipline and how it is essential if you want success making any improvements in your life. We read quotes from Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday, as well as passages from Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. 
Published 01/31/23
Published 01/31/23