Dawn O'Porter is Extraordinary!
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Dawn O’Porter is an author and presenter, wife and mother, who thrives on been open and honest, especially with her dedicated Patreon fan base. Dawn is well- known for her critically acclaimed books and presenting deep-diving documentaries but, like the rest of us, the lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic hit hard. To add to the struggle of not being allowed to leave the house, Dawn experienced the tragic and sudden loss of her close friend Caroline Flack, and so, dealing with this grief and sadness along with day-to-day family life, Dawn started writing a diary. In October 2020, Dawn released Life In Pieces, her first non-fiction book, and all about her life in lockdown. As the paperback of the book released yesterday, Dawn and Katie chat parenting, charity, grief in lockdown and of course…. weed gummies! This is a Somethin’ Else production.
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