Live with Alysia and Shannon Woods , On Diversity Equity And Inclusion In The Running And Outdoor Industries
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Today we are sharing the second episode Alysia recorded live from TRE earlier in the month as she spoke with Shannon Woods, who is currently the senior manager of DEI at Brooks Running among other things. Shannon tells us how her own upbringing as a mixed race woman and the experiences of both herself and the experiences of her parents during the civil rights movement as well as her own experiences as a mother who wanted to make sure her kids learned diverse histories she didn’t in school all informed her decision to work in DEI . She is working on dismantling systemic racism in the running community and on opening up opportunities in these jobs via her role at Brooks and on the Running Industry Diversity Coalition Board . For more show notes as always head to our website! Also check out our Tees and Visors, as all of our Dec/Jan sales go to Trackgirlz 2022 grants as they work to promote "Sisterhood, Empowerment and Track And Field". Also don't forget to follow us on instagram @keeptrackmedia and like or review us on iTunes! 
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