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P is BACK and the dynamic duo is here to break down all the news on the latest episode of TICKET & THE TRUTH. KG and Paul discuss the Clippers & Bucks and the importance of chemistry, the growth of Anthony Edwards, and some surprise teams in the Eas. Plus, they debate whether Tatum is the best American-born player right now, talks about the Lakers, and answer your fan questions.
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This week's TICKET & THE TRUTH is on one! KG and Paul discuss the battle between 4x DPOY Rudy Gobert and 3x MVP Nikola Jokic. Plus, they debate what's next for Donovan Mitchell, who should be the Lakers next head coach, and how everyone is playing hurt at this stage of the season. Also, they...
Published 05/17/24
Ya'll wanted smoke so we delivered. Two of the biggest personalities in the game sit down on the latest episode of KG CERTIFIED. Stephen A. lets loose to KG about times he went TOO far, the importance of authenticity in media and why he wont change no matter what. Plus, he speaks on journalistic...
Published 05/13/24
Published 05/13/24