San Francisco Archbishop Denies Communion For Pelosi Over Abortion Views
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The Catholic archbishop of San Francisco, Salvator Cordileone, has directed priests under his jurisdiction not to give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi communion.  Cordileone says it's because of Pelosi's support for abortion rights. State officials have confirmed that two idle oil wells in Bakersfield were leaking methane gas near a residential community, but say they were sealed late last week. Environmental groups have called out regulators for not acting with more urgency once the leaks were first reported, but the state says it wasn’t an emergency. Reporter: Juan Carlos Lara, KQED  Five months ago, California unveiled a program to help low income Californians eliminate asthma triggers in their homes. But some families are still struggling to get these services. Reporter: Madi Bolaños, Valley Public Radio The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority or LAHSA has unveiled plans to reduce the number of unsheltered homeless in L.A. County over the next three years. Reporter: Ethan Ward, KPCC There are two leading candidates in the race for Mayor of Los Angeles, according to the polls. One is Democratic Congresswoman and former speaker of the California State Assembly, Karen Bass. Her chief opponent is Rick Caruso, a billionaire property developer and Republican turned Democrat. Guest: Fernando Guerra, Director of Loyola Marymount University’s Center for the Study of Los Angeles
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