What To Know Before Heading To The Polls On March 5
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Californians will head to the polls on March 5 to vote in the presidential primary. While there's only one statewide measure on the ballot, voters will have plenty else to ponder. Guest: Guy Marzorati, KQED Politics Correspondent In Shasta County, a citizens commission created by right-wing politicians is recommending that county officials violate state law by hand-counting election ballots.  Reporter: Roman Battaglia, Jefferson Public Radio
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For many young parents in Los Angeles, buying a home with enough space for kids is out of reach, and so is renting a family-sized apartment. The makes life challenging for those young couples. Reporter: David Wagner, LAist On Monday, a case about homelessness from Grants Pass in Southern Oregon...
Published 04/23/24
Published 04/23/24
The Supreme Court is hearing arguments Monday in a case that could have major implications for how cities across the country approach homelessness. This case is called City of Grants Pass, Oregon versus Gloria Johnson. It hinges on whether a local government can issue fines and jail people for...
Published 04/22/24