Thinking and advocating for yourself (with life, health & beyond)
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Today I have Laura Lisowski on the pod, who's Director at Corporate Governance at NASDAQ. And as her job title may lead you to believe, she's a total badass.  We chat: Her mold journey / advocating for yourself / broken healthcare systemIt's ok to change your mind about thingsTransitions / evolvingNot putting yourself in a box or tying your identity to one belief systemWhy self employment is the new corporate slave Leadership and Solitude Uncaring Book
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Published 05/11/22
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we're spending this week talking about the deadliest mental illness: eating disorders. Every 52 minutes, someone dies of an eating disorder and ⅓ people only get access to care I'm honored to share this exceptional conversation with Johanna Kandel,...
Published 05/04/22
Whether you're new to therapy or a vocal advocate, this is the episode for you. I've condensed years of therapy into my 5 top lessons. If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review! We pick one review each week to win free granola butter.
Published 04/06/22