I Sit Down with the Million Dollar Bogan - Danny Hayes
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  You've all seen him - the Australian that takes his Harley-Davidson motorcycles where they just shouldn't go. Long Distance rider Danny Hayes has made his mark as an ambitious adventure seeker on two wheels. Documenting his rides on YouTube, Danny has a creative vlog style and personality that is hard to ignore. His adventures have taken him to places like Mt. Everest, deep Australia, United Kingdom, etc. Matt Laidlaw sits down with Danny to discuss distance Harley riding and all things video creation. Follow Danny! Instagram: daniel_hayes3 YouTube: Million Dollar Bogan Buy a bike at Laidlaw's Harley-Davidson. Never Any Added Dealer Mark-Up! No Dealer Fees! http://www.laidlawsharley.com Follow and Message me on Instagram @matt_laidlaw http://www.instagram.com/matt_laidlaw #​​​MillionDollarBogan #HarleyDavidson #DannyHayes
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