Rev Max Sportster: A Huge Change that is a Gamble for Harley-Davidson
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We are at a significant turning point in the history of Harley-Davidson. After 65 years of the Sportster being in production H-D has now started to phase out the beloved air-cooled evolution engine after 37 years of it being the power plant for the family. We have now seen the two newest Sportster models bult on Harley's newest platform, the Revolution Max. This moves completely changes the Sportster in everyway. Harley-Davidson definitely put the "Sport" back in the Sportster family with this new liquid-cooled engine. Along with a whole catalog of upgrades including better brakes, lighter chassis, better suspension, Electronic rider aids, etc. But by doing this is H-D compromising the mechanical character of one of their most popular motorcycles? 
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