Latinx Hogwarts
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Get your quill and paper out students! A modern-day witch and folk magic practitioner breaks down tarot for us and gives us an introduction to defense against the dark arts ... also learn about the #LatinxHogwarts challenge.  To support this podcast check out the below: Patreon Venmo Kofi
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Josh is back to share spooky stories from his experiences as a Medium and Paranormal Investigator.  GUEST INFO:  J. Allen Cross aka Josh is a practicing witch of Indigenous Mexican and European descent. Born into a family of the mystically inclined, he’s been doing spiritual work all his life....
Published 10/31/19
Listener, Shelly, based out of Syndey, Australia with roots in Oaxaca, Mexico shares her paranormal experiences and what she's learned from her husband's culture about how the supernatural is perceived in the Muslim faith.  *** If you enjoy LATINX SUPERNATURAL please provide a 5-star review on...
Published 10/31/19
Tune in to this episode to help celebrate my birthday with two very sleepy, silly, and delirious special guests! Also... thank you to Marcos and Berto for submitting their stories!!!  Si tu piensas que parezco quinceañera dejame un 5 star review porfis!  *** Would you like to help keep...
Published 10/14/19