#72 - Financial inclusion through Crypto: Daniel Vogel, Bitso
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Universal as it may seem now, in 2014 access to banking services was still very much limited in several LatAm countries. That realization was what sparked Daniel Vogel's idea of democratizing financial services through the existing but underused infrastructure of mobile phones. With the Bitso app, buying and selling cryptocurrencies become as easy as ordering pizza. Daniel's founder journey got him in the MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 list as one of the youngest CEOs of this generation. Having started in Mexico, Bitso quickly expanded in Latin America. With a $2.2bn valuation and backed by the likes of Tiger Global and Kaszek, Bitso has pledged to invest $270M to take the Brazilian crypto market by storm. In this episode you can learn about: Skills every founder should pick upCrypto as a vehicle of financial inclusionThe future of blockchain in Latin AmericaBuilding something new? Apply for the Latitud Fellowship at apply.latitud.com
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