#73 - Community-driven companies: Sahil Lavingia, Gumroad
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Children are often fascinated with technology, and Sahil Lavingia's story isn't any different: he first started getting into computers at about 12, playing around with graphic design tools like Photoshop, and it soon naturally developed into building websites for family and friends. One Computer Science and Engineering degree later, Sahil turned what started as a casual project for himself into a marketplace for others like him to get paid doing what they were good at: Gumroad went from a weekend project to a sustainable business that became a staple of the gig economy. But the road wasn't without its bumps. Now having published his book "The Minimalist Entrepreneur", Sahil is known not only for his transparency about his challenges as a founder, but also for talking about the alternative path for founders that aren't looking to build a VC-backed unicorn. In this episode we talk about: Community-driven products and the art of problem-solvingShaping the future of workAnd the delicate balance between profitability and scaleBuilding something new? Apply for the Latitud Fellowship at apply.latitud.com
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