#93 - Why share what you know: Matias Woloski, Auth0
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Matias Woloski is the CTO and co-founder at Auth0, a developer-first identity platform born in 2013 that became Argentina's 5th unicorn in 2019. With clients in over 70 countries, it grew to become a global leader in the Identity-as-a-Service arena, and was recently acquired by Okta for US$ 6.5 billion in early 2021. Auth0 has over 2 thousand enterprise customers and handles around 42 million logins every day. That demands a lot of tech working just right, and a lot of top-notch tech support to fix the issues that may come up. That's all part of Matias' job as he oversees people in over 30 countries, most of them working remotely, as well as in headquarters in Buenos Aires, London, Seattle, Sidney, Tokyo and Singapore. Today, Matias and I talk about: What new challenges for cybersecurity are on his mindThe importance of timing for a product fit (and can it be crafted or is it just luck?)How Auth0 made its first connections with Silicon Valley investorsAnd what Matias himself looks for when investing in startups as an angel investorBuilding something new? Apply for the Latitud Fellowship at apply.latitud.com
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