Manifesting For 2021
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Happy new year, bitches!  I hope it was a good one for you.  You can find my Patreon (monthly book club,  back catalogue & Off Topic podcast) here: can also find me on...
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Happy Friday everyone!   Thank you so much for joining me again.  You can find me at: 
Published 03/04/21
Ooooh, what a guest!  I hope you enjoy this interview with love expert Paul Brunson.  As usual you can find me at: Please subscribe, rate & review for good vibezzz!
Published 02/26/21
Hello  & welcome back!  I hope you enjoy this week's episode - I hope I didn't go on about my life dramazzzz too much but it's been really affecting me this week & I'm sure you must all have had a similar experience in your life.  You can find...
Published 02/19/21