How a Hobbyist Musician Created a Pro Jazz Album (feat. Christian Schrader)
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"Music and the opportunity for music is all around us. And you can find inspiration in conversation or just the rhythm of something happening around you. And so I would just take these snippets, get home, and say, what can I do with this? And I would start to sing a melody around those words and think about what the story could be that surrounds those words." That was Christian Schrader, a self-described hobbyist musician who recently created a pro jazz album. He described this as one of the biggest musical accomplishments of his entire life. And so if you're ever someone who's thought about reaching this really high aspirational musical or jazz goal, but just didn't feel like you had what it took, this is gonna be an inspirational episode. I talked to Christian and we did an interview and just went through this whole process, went through his head, how did he create this album? And there are so many great lessons along the way. I'm excited for you to listen to this. In this episode: 1.  Christian Schrader's "regular life" and his musical background 2.  Favorite jazz musicians who influenced his love for jazz 3.  How the album started and the little help he got from friends 4.  The process of completing his music 5.  On good attitude and the right connections Important Links: Free Guide to learning standards by ear: Learn Jazz Standards the Smart Way LJS Inner Circle Membership Listen to the Learn Jazz Standards Podcast Get 50% off your first month when joining the Inner Circle:
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