Why I'm taking a break from the podcast...
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Okay, so this is the second time I'm restarting recording this episode. I want to get this right. So I am taking a break from the Learn Jazz Standards podcast, and I'm going to talk about what's gone into this decision, what this means for the future, what it means for you as the podcast listener, and why I'm actually incredibly excited about the future and you should be too. And why this isn't goodbye by any stretch or any sort of way. I'll leave with that up front, but let's talk about that. In this episode: Why this isn't a goodbye... Important Links: Free Guide to learning standards by ear: Learn Jazz Standards the Smart Way LJS Inner Circle Membership Listen to the Learn Jazz Standards Podcast Get 50% off your first month when joining the Inner Circle: https://members.learnjazzstandards.com/sp/inner-circle-sales-page-podcast-direct/
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