Biggies Vs. Smalls
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Ashley Brajae joins LEEgit, to guest Cohost for a second time. These "SISTAS" cover everything from White Nationlist, Penis Size--Yes you read that right! As their Ketchup bottle standard, is not to be overlooked. They also explain why black folks need to take several seats, at their own damn tables! Justice is served in this truthful dialouge! So tap in like Now! "Never Forget They Peeped It 1st!" --- Support this podcast:
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The Black Business series continues.  Candese Combs, CEO Of Luxe Candy Ice comes on the podcast to talk about entrepreneurship, black business, and what it's like being a black woman in the Italian Ice industry.  She paints a vivid picture of what a pillar of the community should look like as...
Published 06/19/21
In this black owned pod series, Niyah Robbins comes on the show. She discusses her brand, "Unapologetically Her Cosmetics. " We talk about the importance of having cosmetic lines for black women. She shares the benefits of using vegan ingredients in her lip creams.  Lastly, Niyah opens up about...
Published 04/24/21
Published 04/24/21