#378: Logan Allin of Fin Capital
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If you go back just nine months, you will remember a time when fintech founders were raising capital with ease. Nine-figure funding rounds were the norm, and a new fintech unicorn was minted almost every day at ever higher valuations. Today, the pendulum has swung in the completely opposite direction where any funding round is a surprise with down rounds and layoffs now the norm. To make sense of all this craziness, we invited Logan Allin, the founder and managing partner at Fin Capital, to the podcast. His recent Navigator deck caught my attention, it is packed full of advice for founders and thoughts on the industry, and he has made it publicly available for everyone. In this podcast you will learn: Logan's background and the founding story of Fin Capital.How he first got into fintech and what attracted him to itThe gaps in the industry that were not being addressed by traditional VC.What he means when he talks about SaaS Plus businesses.A breakdown of their three private funds and their different focuses.The six sub-sectors of fintech where they invest.The quarterly Navigator deck that they share with their founders and now the industry.Logan's specific advice for founders looking to ride out this downturn.How founders should think about valuation multiples today.When Logan thinks the IPO window for fintech companies will reopen.What a normal fintech valuation market looks like and when we will get there.
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