Water Affects Your Pension: Cate Lamb at World Water Week
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Can water risk disclosure move the needle on corporate water stewardship? And what does that risk mean for our own retirement funds? In this very special episode of What About Water? - recorded on location at World Water Week - Jay sits down with Cate Lamb in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss valuing water. We hear how companies with high water-related risks affect our own bottom line, and how pensions hang in the balance when the value of those companies erodes in the face of climate change.  Cate Lamb is the Global Director of Water Security for CDP, a non-profit organization once dubbed “the most powerful Green NGO you’ve never heard of” by the Harvard Business Review. CDP urges large businesses to disclose their environmental risks and reduce their water footprint, using the influence of investors to catalyze change. In a report released just last year, the NGO found the cost of ignoring water risks to businesses could be over five times greater than paying now to address those risks. CDP currently has around 3,500 companies that voluntarily disclose water risks, and a group of 680 investors with $130 trillion dollars in assets pushing for that information.
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