Bio-Hacking with Gary Brecka: MTHFR, Alzheimers, Hormones, Vaccines and More
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I've always been intrigued by Bio-Hacking. How can we go even deeper with our blood work? How can we customize things to avoid a disease that may happen? How can we seem younger?  Then I met Gary Brecka, he is the founder of Streamline Medical Group. He is a human biologist, a bio-hacker himself, and an expert medical researcher. Some of his clients include Grant Cardone, Prince & Princess of Morocco, and some of the top UFC fighters. So, I dive deep with Gary on things like the MTHFR gene, what do we do when we have that? What can we do with things like ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. What do we do when our insulin is out of whack? We also touch on some controversial topics like vaccines and COVID.  Tune in today and LISTEN UP as I sit down with Gary Brecka in this fascinating conversation. In this episode, you will learn: What you can do if you have the MTHFR gene How you insulin levels effect so much Should you be getting the vaccine if you already had COVID
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