Freeing the Millionaire Within You with Kristi Frank
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When Kristi Frank, from  Season #1 of NBC's, ‘The Apprentice’, came to interview ME for the docuseries “The Millionaire Within Her” I was star struck!  She was there to interview ME but I wanted to know all about HER success!  Kristi has appeared on every major network TV show from 'MSNBC', ‘Oprah’ and ‘The View’, subsequently helping entrepreneurs across business channels and media to transform their lives and businesses.  Her latest  Creation. The millionaire within her is her PASSION PROJECT and I had so many question as to WHY this series.. Join in today and learn EXACTLY HOW KRisti Frank created everything form nothing Want to check out the FREE Docu-Series - The Millionaire Within Her? Go get it HERE In this episode, you will learn: How to shift your mindset to becoming a millionaire What sets millionaires apart Why more women can and need to become millionaires 
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