Talking Luft! with Ian Boswell
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Rapha presents Talking Luft! I recently took you on a journey through the absolute torture that was taking part in the beast that is Cape Epic. In case you missed it, it’s an hors categorie mountain biking event, across the challenging terrain of South Africa’s western cape, and it really pushed me to my limit. I thought while I was there, I might as well get out the microphone and turn it on my friend and Cape Epic partner Ian Boswell, and give him the Talking Luft! treatment. We had a nice little chat, spanning Bos’ early interactions with Lance Armstrong, his thoughts on achieving luft, hypothetical musings on whether it’s better to ride with or sans helmet, and whether he finds it important to keep shaving the legs post-retirement. We did a bit of a deep dive on kit selection; how to select your kit post-pro career, which of the former pro kits and bikes are worth keeping, and if you had become world champion during your career, how would you wear your rainbow kit? We took a look into Bos’ current Strava status (hint- it’s solid), favourite riders from the cycling history books, what his dream loop is, and his favourite pro race – which threw up a few surprises, and of course we delved into some of the trials and tribulations that we overcame at Cape Epic. We had a bit of fun chatting in this episode, and I hope you enjoy listening along! Cheers, Mitch
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