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Life in the Peloton is proudly brought to you by Rapha It’s no secret that I’ve become a bit of a bike-packing devotee over the past few years, I just love everything about it – the challenge, seeing parts of the country that I’ve never seen before, meeting people along the way, experiencing some country Australiana, and just getting out on my bike and rediscovering what I really love about cycling. And I can see that this resonates with so many of you that love the adventure of bike packing as well (and if you’re yet to try it, I’ll say it again – it doesn’t need to be epic, or hard, just get out there and give it a go!) Every time I post one of my bike-packing adventures, I’m inundated with questions and requests for recommendations on which gear to use. I totally get it, you want to be prepared when you hit that open road, where there are already so many unknowns and so many variables, and it’s natural to want to try to control that and limit the things that can go wrong (even though these can all be part of the fun). I don’t claim to be an expert on bike packing, and like you guys, most of what I’ve learnt about gear, equipment, and planning, I’ve learnt on the fly, usually by reaching out to fellow cyclists and friends that I see out exploring by bike. One of the guys I’ve gone to for advice most often is, unsurprisingly, the bike-packing legend and my friend Lachie Morton. So, in putting this episode together, I knew exactly who I needed to reach out to for some tips of the trade. Lachie has embarked on more long-distance bike packing expeditions than anyone I know, and like me, he’s someone that has just learnt on the go, and he’s always happy to share his experiences and what works for him. So I took your questions and put them to Lach, and I loved having the chance to sit down with him and pick his brain on all things bike-packing tech. This is in no way an exhaustive tech guide, just a fun chat about some of the things we love about bike-packing and the gear we like to take along with us to maximise the fun and enjoyment, and a chance to record it all in one spot for others to learn as well. I hope you get a few helpful tips during the listen!   Cheers, Mitch
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