Life in the Peloton - The Goldfields Adventure
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Life in the Peloton is proudly brought to you by Rapha I´m bringing you something a bit different for Life in the Peloton this week, I have been back on the road exploring and learning some of the fascinating history of the Victorian goldfields, by riding the historic Goldfields Track. By now, you´ve probably become used to my bike-packing adventures, but this time the trip was not just about tackling a challenging adventure and exploring my own backyard, but also learning some of the history of this country and how this thriving regional area came to be what it is. This trip is one that has been on my bucket list since moving back to Australia last year – I had become so used to being surrounded by incredible history while living in Europe, but it has really occurred to me how much history there is right here in Australia as well. I wanted to explore the Aussie countryside, but to also give the trip some purpose. Not just to ride, but to tap into a bit of local history and learn the backstory of this country along the way - why do these little Victorian country towns exist, and what has made the area so famous? So back in the summer, before the weather in Victoria turned bad, I grabbed my good mate Al Iacuone, someone who is well known on the pod, and we headed off from Mount Buninyong, in the direction of Bendigo. The Goldfields Track is an existing, point-to-point trail and one that is regularly ridden by mountain bike, that takes in some of Victoria´s most historic towns. It´s a 210-kilometre journey, generally tackled over two to four days. We´re doing it in a day. The trip threw up a few surprises, but we had a lot of fun out there. The trails made for beautiful riding, and although it was much tougher than expected, being out on the road allowed us to absorb the history and stories of the land in a way we never could by sitting at home and reading in a book or on the internet. Of course, there´s value in that as well, but there´s just something about being out there and hearing the stories for yourself that makes the experience that much more special and it really gave our expedition an incredible sense of purpose and meaning. In short, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone that has been considering it or another one like it. I hope you enjoy the listen, learn a thing or two along the way, and as always, I hope it inspires you to get out on your own bike adventures! Cheers, Mitch
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