Life Is Short(er): Funcy NY Night, Sexy vs Shrek, and Mom FaceTime 🏀
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This week on the show, the guys discuss how Christian finally cleaned out his childhood bedroom, and they recount their wild night out in New York City (including a Larry David encounter). Then, Christi writes in asking about how Christian manages to put lotion on his hands without rubbing them together and she gives us a WYR about using a sexy voice on the pod or Shrek voice on a date. Finally, Jackie from Utah calls in asking about what things women do that the guys find attractive.  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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This week on the show, Justin needs to be talked into grabbing a NY slice and Christian recounts his experience time traveling via a Dave Matthews tribute band. Then, Carissa writes in about the genius way her kids marketed their lemonade stand. Amanda calls in to correct the record on her...
Published 05/17/24
Published 05/17/24
Susie Essman (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Justin talk about her early comedy days in New York and meeting Larry David, how she helped develop her "Curb" character Susie Greene's personal style, and what happened when HBO decided to put a real-life billboard featuring her likeness in LA. Listen...
Published 05/14/24