Life Is Short(er): Too Many Pumps, Spooter Ding Dong, and Gay Stereotypes ☕️
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This week on the show the guys are in LA filming a new horror short! They recount their experiences buying sugary coffee drinks and playing pickle ball together on the West Coast. Then a listener named John Murphy writes in with his funny impression of the Wheel of Fortune sound effect. Finally, John Stanley calls in yet again to discuss his experience being gay in the South back in the 80s. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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The guys suffer through Happy’s dog farts while they discuss how Justin and Kate ate rancid meat and lived to tell the tale, then Christian recounts how he said something awkwardly sexual in the presence of some manly bros. We read a letter from Courtney about that one time Justin touched her...
Published 07/12/24
Published 07/12/24
Joey Graziadei (The Bachelor) and Justin talk about his experience on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchises, what it's been like to settle into life after the show with his new fiancée Kelsey, and what he thinks about the pickleball craze. See Privacy Policy at
Published 07/09/24