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It’s our first day! Neil Patrick Harris (Wig, How I Met Your Mother) tells us why you shouldn’t do magic tricks for your own children. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Buffy - To get $20 off your Buffy comforter, head to and enter code LONG
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This week in the Quar, Justin has Dookie on the brain (the Green Day album, not the…other thing). We talk to Dr. Dave about what returning to “normal” might look like. Then we top it off with a fresh helping of Would You Rathers.
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Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) chats with Justin about her start in improv comedy, how she and Ilana Glazer created their hilarious show, and Justin’s cute friendship with her mom.  Support us by supporting our sponsors! ExpressVPN - Go to, you can get an extra three months...
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