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** Not for children** Here we go. Let's talk about intimacy. It is that time a year where being a "couple" gets put on the back burner. Between the extended family, kiddos and company parties being a couple gets pushed to the side. Well, that just isn't ok. This episode is for adults only and...
Published 12/03/19
Jodie goes full momma bear, but Wes saves the day. Listen in on this one if you want to be the parents of the year!  Wes is pretty sure he wrapped up the dad of the year award on this one. Got kids? Listen to this week's episode and learn from the master, Wes Chapman!  - full disclaimer; Wes...
Published 11/13/19
Jodie likes to brush her teeth 3 times a day and Wes maybe once a day. One of them is off the dentist and the other one is off to the races. Jodie and Wes dive into the converstation of options vs. opportunities. 
Published 08/29/19