Fighting The Hostess
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A restaurant fight, watching a new tv series, losing the bet for sunglasses, and creating the world's first computer. This is Lightweights, the world's best podcast. Watch our FULL Video Podcast on Youtube: Follow our Podcast on Instagram: @lightweightspod Follow Joe on Instagram: @thejoe Follow Ilya on Instagram: @ilyafeddy Follow us on Tik Tok @lightweightspod Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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Brandon Rogers, star of the animated show "Helluva Boss" and mastermind behind the genius that is his own channel, discusses his writing secrets, incredible memes of his that took a life of their own, his creation of iconic characters, and rumors of the show Helluva Boss. Brandon spills how the...
Published 06/11/24
Published 06/11/24
Michael Sanzone addresses the relationship breakup rumors with long time girlfriend Tabitha Swatosh, his new musical project, and his full experience at the Hype House. Plus Alex Warren's wedding and his future plans WATCH THE VIDEO PODCAST HERE: Leave a review...
Published 06/07/24