The Money Expert: From $0 to Multi-Millionaire Without Trying Hard (Timothy Armoo)
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Today we speak with Timothy Armoo who sold his tech business FanBytes for multiple 8 figures before the age of 28, and uncover how you can do the same! ___________________________ TIME STAMPS: 00:00 Intro 01:04 What Makes An Entrepreneur 05:12 Growing Up In Ghana 07:25 Moving From Ghana To The UK 09:34 I Started My First Business At 14 13:35 Building A Valuable Skill Stack 17:43 'The 3rd Door To Meeting Richard Branson' 20:15 How To Build A Millionaire Network 23:15 How To Get Ahead Of 99% Of People 24:38 I Started A Multi-Million Dollar Business 30:34 How I Lost $40,000 Spread Betting 32:58 Taking $1,000,000 Out In Cash 34:35 I Sold My Business For Tens Of Millions Of Dollars 36:38 Learn On Someone Else's Dime 38:02 'I've Never Said This Before, But...' 40:27 'Money Doesn't Make You Happy... That's CAP' 43:58 Wealth Preservation VS Wealth Creation 49:42 This Is How You Start A Multi Million Dollar Business 59:16 EXACTLY How I Sold My Business For Tens Of Millions 1:10:56 Are You Worried That You've Peaked? 1:14:49 Building A Personal Brand 1:18:50 Working With Nike, Samsung & The Government 1:21:59 You Need A Shocking Moment To Get Rich, Here's Ours 1:29:56 Do Entrepreneurs Think They're Better Than Everyone? 1:33:32 When Is Enough, Enough? ______________________
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