Confronting Pearl Davis on Banning Women Voters & Divorce (JustPearlyThings)
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Today we debate Pearl Davis who has been famously dubbed 'The Female Andrew Tate' over Women Voters, Divorce & Female Promiscuity. ________________________________________________ TIME STAMPS: 00:00 Intro 01:56 Pearls Most Controversial Opinions 02:23 How Did You Become Red Pill? 05:08 Did Your Views Cost You Female Friends? 05:54 Does Cancellation Scare You? 07:08 Do You Overinflate Your Views For Money? 08:51 Pearl On Why Divorce Should Be ILLEGAL 20:00 Pearl On Why Women Can't Cheat 21:21 Pearl On Banning Birth Control 32:30 Pearl On Her Own Marriage 37:16 80% Of Women Leave Their Man 42:21 More Women Become OF Stars Than Teachers 49:40 Pearl On Why Women Love CRIMINALS 52:52 Pearl On How To Impress Women 58:40 Why Women Get More Attention Than Men 1:00:54 Should Men Stay Single In 2023? 1:04:16 How Money Impacts Relationships 1:05:04 Would You Date A Low Income Man? 1:10:45 Pearl On The School System 1:17:03 Pearl On Why Women Shouldn't Vote 1:32:37 Why The Schooling System Is Broken 1:37:03 Are Female Emotions Really A Bad Thing? 1:40:36 Do You Plan To Action Your Views Politically? 1:41:18 Is Logan Paul Making A Mistake? ________________________________________________ JOIN MY FREE DISCORD COMMUNITY: 🥳 This is a time sensitive invite to our exclusive group - ________________________________________________
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