Good Hair Dae Starter Pack: Amber Fillerup On 4 Easy & Chic Hairstyles, The Key To Treating Over-Processed Hair, & How She Went From Influencer Mogul To Badass Business Entrepreneur
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Influencer Turned Badass Entrepreneur Amber Fillerup joins us this week to share how to make every day a good hair day. Amber Fillerup is the founder of Dae Hair, the company that believes that haircare doesn’t have to be complicated and aims to make a line that is simple and effective. She’s sharing the haircut she’s obsessing over right now, the key to treating bleached hair, & the biggest mistake people make when wearing extensions. We discuss cheugy vs. trendy, while she shares the unexpected key to your healthiest hair yet…spoiler alert: it actually has nothing to do with your hair. You can find Amber @amberfillerup and @daehair. For products mentioned in this episode, head to     Go to or use code LIPSTICK at checkout to claim this deal.   For Lipstick on the Rim show listeners: Dry Farm Wines is offering an extra bottle in your first box for a penny (because it’s alcohol, it can’t be free). See all the details and collect your wine at   Visit and get $100 off your first month when you use promo code lipstick at sign up.    Visit     Produced by Dear Media. 
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