Introducing Jalen Brunson and the New York Knicks beat the Indiana Pacers again! from Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories. Follow the show: Locked On Sports Today - Daily Podcast Covering The Biggest Sports Stories The New York Knicks wanted to get a two-game lead in their pocket before heading to Indianapolis. Also, do the Boston Celtics have a weakness? And the ACC is in big trouble with North Carolina, Clemson and Florida State. Support Us By...
Published 05/09/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Liam Coen spoke about the competition at left guard as well as what Bucky Irving and Jalen McMillan will bring to the offense Talking about the roast of Tom Brady - and how it was kind of a breath of fresh air
Published 05/08/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers new offensive lineman Graham Barton put up some impressive film with the Duke Blue Devils. I dive into his best game and two worst games according to Pro Football Focus to see the differences What are Barton's best traits? Where did he struggle? And what will he realistically bring to the Bucs next season and beyond?
Published 05/06/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers got some praise from the NFL on FOX Podcast for their draft class, hitting all the needs and improving the team The Locked On Bucs Mailbag asks if the Bucs' offensive line is top ten in the league with the addition of Graham Barton, who a drafted and undrafted sleeper on the Bucs' roster would be, and whether the Bucs found a huge weapon - literally - for Baker Mayfield in an undrafted free agent from North Dakota
Published 05/04/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers edge rusher Joe Tryon-Shoyinka didn't have his fifth-year option picked up by the Buccaneers - which was a smart, calculated move by Jason Licht Running through all the Bucs' undrafted free agents on both sides of the ball and telling you which players to watch for that have a solid chance to make the 53-man roster
Published 05/02/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers did what they needed to in the NFL Draft. It may not grab headlines, but the picks were right However, the Bucs still have questions at starting left guard. So what will they do to answer those? Who are some undrafted free agents with a chance to make the roster?
Published 05/01/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened up day three of the NFL Draft by drafting Oregon Ducks running back Bucky Irving to team up with Rachaad White and Chase Edmonds The Bucs rounded out their draft with UTEP guard Elijah Klein and another Washington Huskies player, tight end Devin Culp We look at the seven players drafted and where they all fit on the Buccaneers depth chart come training camp
Published 04/29/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers continued to nail the draft, picking up three players that can contribute immediately at positions of need. Edge rusher Chris Braswell out of Alabama, defensive back Tykee Smith from Georgia, and wide receiver Jalen McMillan from Washington. With three more picks on day three, what else can Jason Licht do to help the Bucs?
Published 04/27/24
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected Alabama Crimson Tide edge rusher Chris Braswell, Georgia Bulldogs defensive back Tykee Smith, and Washington Huskies wide receiver Jalen McMillan on day two of the NFL Draft. Follow & Subscribe on all Podcast platforms… 🎧 https://link.chtbl.com/LOBucs?sid=YouTube Locked On NFL League-Wide: Every Team, Fantasy, Draft & More 🎧 https://linktr.ee/LockedOnNFL
Published 04/27/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers stayed at 26 and landed the consensus top interior offensive lineman in Graham Barton out of Duke What does Barton bring to Tampa and how will he fit in with the Bucs? Day two names to watch for the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft
Published 04/26/24
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have selected Duke offensive lineman Graham Barton with the twenty-sixth pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Follow & Subscribe on all Podcast platforms… 🎧 https://link.chtbl.com/LOBucs?sid=YouTube Locked On NFL League-Wide: Every Team, Fantasy, Draft & More 🎧 https://linktr.ee/LockedOnNFL
Published 04/26/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers will make their first selection in the NFL Draft Thursday night. Who is a player often linked to the team that would be a mistake and who is player that would be a great fit that no one is talking about? Taking a look at the NFL Draft as a whole and giving some hot takes Bold predictions for what the Bucs will do in the first round and throughout the course of the NFL Draft
Published 04/25/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a wide range of directions they can go in - but who are some great fits we have yet to discuss? There is a chance the Bucs can find starting help along the offensive line on day three and a running back n the sixth or seventh round that can contribute this season The NFL Draft is far from a science, but just how much do teams hit on their first round picks?
Published 04/24/24
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Published 04/24/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot of options in the first round of the NFL Draft, but as it gets closer what are some trends we're seeing for the Bucs? Taking a look at the differences between the local and national views of what the Bucs will do A full seven round mock draft for the Bucs that seems to miss the mark
Published 04/22/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers have an interesting trend among their confirmed top 30 NFL Draft visits so far Which of those players that have visited the Bucs would be the best fits for the team? I made my pick in the Locked On Podcast NFL Mock Draft and I tell you the story behind it - and whether or not I stand by it
Published 04/19/24
The 2024 Locked On NFL Mock Draft episode five see the Arizona Cardinals, the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints make first round selections in the NFL Draft.
Published 04/18/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers need help getting after the quarterback - and they can do that next week in the draft without taking an edge rusher While the Bucs look to improve on their 2023 season, they also need to look beyond 2024 for the impact these rookies will have over the long term Day three of the draft is all about upside and potential, so who are some players they would look to that may take a while to feel their impact?
Published 04/17/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers first round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft Calijah Kancey spoke with the media and talked about his struggles after dealing with injury and his expectations for 2024 Zyon McCollum elevated his play last season and appears in line with a starting job this season - but he's still not satisfied with where he is quite yet. Long time Buccaneer William Gholston returns to the team for his twelfth season
Published 04/16/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers have seven picks in the upcoming draft, so we do three different mocks to see how things change based on the day one selection We go with an unconventional pick in the second round and I'll tell you why drafting tight end Ta'Javion Sanders with pick 57 is actually a really smart idea Finally, the ideal Bucs mock falls in my lap where every position of need gets addressed with players that contribute immediately in 2024
Published 04/15/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers and safety Antoine Winfield Jr are "working towards a deal" to make him the highest paid safety in the league according to Adam Schefter Did Jason Licht tip his hand as to what he's going to do in the draft? ESPN's Matt Miller talks about what he's heard regarding the Bucs' preference in the first round of the draft
Published 04/12/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers are marked as a team that should look to trade up according to Bill Barnwell - but I'm not sure it's for who he thinks the move should be made for Ian Beckles says the Bucs are better off without Carlton Davis Adam Rank goes through the first round of the NFL Draft and does a mock based on what every team SHOULD do, not what they WILL do
Published 04/10/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jason Licht's Trade Up Targets | Another Bucs Reunion? | Ronde Barber's Top Guy Tampa Bay Buccaneers' GM Jason Licht said on the Rich Eisen Show there are "one or two" guys he would trade up for - who could he be referring to? Scotty Miller posted on Instagram that he and Baker Mayfield were working out together - could this be a sign of another reunion? Bucs legend Ronde Barber named his top five cornerback in the draft - including one that's been linked to the Bucs
Published 04/09/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Roster Review And Biggest Needs In Top 100 | %-Round Mock Draft Mistakes Tampa Bay Buccaneers have some flexibility in the 2024 NFL Draft but taking a look at the roster on both sides of the ball, we talk about the positions that have to be addressed with the Bucs' four top-100 picks in the upcoming draft Chad Reuter did a five round mock draft and I wanted to see how his draft lined up with my view of the Bucs needs - then I fix the mistakes he made
Published 04/08/24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin is entering a contract year and there are only a few avenues the Bucs can go down when it comes to Godwin's future The Bucs need help at wide receiver no matter what the plan is with Godwin - but would they take one in the first three rounds? Randy Gregory met with the media to discuss his role and expectations under Todd Bowles in Tampa
Published 04/05/24