Some Cobras Meet The Wolves
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We've got a special one this week!! We're joined with some fellow cobras, Oona O'Brien and Griffin Santopietro giving us a slice of their lives with us on the pod!! We're talking about cheating in chess, inducting our newest relationship advisors, TikTok trends for cheaters, using magic to score a date, and much much more!  See for privacy information.
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An episode so nice we had to bring it back twice. Our time with Oona and Griffin from last week was just filled with so much great conversation, we had to split it up into two parts. So enjoy the rest of our talks with our lovely costars this week!  See for privacy...
Published 09/20/22
ONE YEAR OF STREAMS! But we've got something big in the works.. This week, we're talking about an oyster pandemic, unintentional internet fame, Yung Gravy dating your mom, droughts sucking up China's rivers, fake clouds, and the disturbing growth of artificial intelligence. All. This. Week. Tune...
Published 09/06/22