Episode 14: Tunnel Vision with Daneshevskaya
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Daneshevskaya, the creative alias of Brooklyn musician Anna Beckerman, joins us on this episode of Lost Sounds Radio. She chats with Cyd about her latest tour in support of Black Country, New Road, horses, Marble Run and the making of her newest EP, Long Is The Tunnel. Have a question you'd like us to answer? Call the Lost Sounds Radio hotline at 424-3ASKVMP (‪(424) 327-5867‬).  Executive produced by Cydney Berlinger and Andrew Winistorfer Hosted and Edited by Cydney Berlinger Our theme song is "Lo and Beholden" by Jade Vases from the album The Very Best of Jade Vases.  
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Published 02/14/24
VMP recently released the first release in a new series called Sonidos Encontrados, and a mega deluxe version of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme. Because our Discord community had so many questions about the releases--and the prints and posters being released alongside these albums--we opened up...
Published 02/14/24
This week, Vinyl Me, Please announced an exclusive super deluxe version of John Coltrane's masterpiece, A Love Supreme. Featuring 8 discs of alternate and live takes, housed in a custom box with a lot of extra ephemera and photos, our version is the ultimate item for Coltrane heads and a must...
Published 02/14/24