Can we talk about sex openly, please?
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Our listener has an awkward moment after her mom finds the morning after pill in her bag. She also wonders how to reassure her boyfriend she's having a good time in bed. In this episode, Evelyn Sharma speaks to sex positivity influencer Leeza Mangaldas to get advice for our listener. Leeza, a popular sex-positivity influencer on Instagram, answers questions on everything from female pleasure to safe sex. Her aim is to normalize conversations around sex and Evelyn and Leeza don't shy away from the subject! Tune in! Show notes: Leeza's Instagram: Leeza's YouTube: Executive Producer: Melanie von Marschalck Lead Producer: Jennifer Collins Producer and Lead Researcher: Sana Rizvi Assistant Producer: Nicolas Martin DW Format and Product Development: Laura Döing Sound Engineer: Thomas Schmidt Editorial Support: Snigdha Sharma, Anant Nath Sharma, Shashank Bhargava
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