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You may recognise Samantha Manovski from the recent Big Brother 2022. In this episode, Sam and I talk about the differences between what men and women truly want and need, and how we relate to one another differently due to our biological differences. Intimacy Coach, Samantha M is passionate about bringing people together through self-awareness practices that empower you to express yourself authentically. With a degree in HR, learning about human behaviour in the workplace for over 8 years coupled with her experience as a coach for 4+ years, Sam’s passion for understanding people and creating true intimacy continues to evolve. Sam teaches her clients the power of vulnerability and self-acceptance, educating both men and women on how to better understand each other while bridging the gaps of communication in relationships. With a mission to change the world and the way we relate by supporting people to create balance and integration from within, Sam envisions the ripple effects her work will have for generations to come. Sam has created educational courses for both men and women to support them in their relationships with the opposite sex. You can check them out here and follow Sam here. 
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