Navigating Chaos: Triumphs and Trials of a Public Defender
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Matt Skinner is a public defender with passion. Criminal defense is high-stakes, sometimes chaotic work that can be extremely difficult, but Matt navigates the courts, clients, and his career with genuine sincerity and excitement. As a lawyer for those who are accused of felonies but cannot afford a lawyer, his love for underdogs fuels his advocacy. It was a profound experience in high school, however, that set him on this path. On a high school trip to the local jail, he ran into two of his friends--behind bars. Matt is a 2018 graduate of Seton Hall Law School. This episode is hosted by Katya Valasek. Mentioned in this episode: Learn more about Rutgers Law Learn more about William & Mary Law School Learn more about Rutgers Law Access LawHub today! Colorado Law Learn more about Colorado Law Learn more about Vermont Law
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