From Pause to Purpose: Rebuilding a Legal Career with Grit and Intention
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Geeta Tholan got a second chance within her legal career after a 10-year break to take care of her children. Her journey highlights the challenges and triumphs of transitioning back into the workforce after an extended hiatus. Initially drawn to international law and diplomacy, Geeta found herself navigating a diverse array of roles, from giving voice to the pharmaceutical industry during biological weapons prevention treaty negotiations to energy law and consulting. Both before and during her hiatus, she grappled with feelings of uncertainty and guilt, torn between societal expectations and personal fulfillment. When it was time to return to work, however, she struggled to find an employer to take her on. Eventually she found the OnRamp Fellowship from Diversity Lab, designed to support individuals reentering the workforce after career breaks. Her transition back to work, amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, saw her leveraging her newfound perspective and honed skills to support Pfizer's efforts in global vaccine distribution and legal compliance. Geeta's story serves as an inspiring testament to the resilience and potential of individuals seeking to reignite their professional journeys, offering hope and encouragement to those navigating similar paths of career reinvention. Geeta is a 1995 graduate of the University of Richmond School of Law. This episode is hosted by Kyle McEntee. Mentioned in this episode: Access LawHub today! Learn more about Rutgers Law Learn more about William & Mary Law School Colorado Law Learn more about Colorado Law Learn more about Vermont Law Learn more about Rutgers Law
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