Shaping Policy, Making Decisions: The Legal Affairs of Harris County
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Christian Menefee was elected as Harris County Attorney in 2020 at 32, the youngest ever and the first African-American in this role. Harris County, home of Houston, is such a large county that its legal department functions like a large law firm. As the county's chief civil lawyer, Christian oversees the entire department and sets the direction for the county's legal affairs, wielding authority in a role that is both figurehead and decision-maker. As an elected official, he does so while navigating the political landscape. Christian gets sued, sues others, and otherwise represents the county as its officials and staff go about the business of local government. He candidly shares his journey from private law practice to public service, reflecting on the risks and rewards of challenging established norms within his own political party. Christian is a 2013 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. This episode is hosted by Kyle McEntee. Mentioned in this episode: Learn more about William & Mary Law School Learn more about Rutgers Law Learn more about Vermont Law Learn more about William & Mary Law School Learn more about Rutgers Law Access LawHub today!
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