Advocating for the Vulnerable: The Frontlines of Access to Justice
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People need legal representation, regardless of financial means. Non-profits throughout the country, often called legal aid, play a crucial role in offering civil representation to individuals who lack the means to hire a lawyer. Hannah Wagner serves as a staff attorney at Legal Aid of Southeast and Central Ohio, where she addresses various legal needs within the community. Her practice spans education cases for students with special needs, restraining orders for individuals facing life-threatening situations, and child advocacy within domestic disputes as a guardian ad litem. This episode delves into the intricacies of providing legal support to children navigating challenging environments, highlighting the importance of creative advocacy. Hannah is a 2020 graduate of the University of Toledo College of Law. This episode is hosted by Kyle McEntee. Mentioned in this episode: Access LawHub today! Learn more about Vermont Law Learn more about Baylor Law Learn more about Rutgers Law Learn more about William & Mary Law School Learn more about Rutgers Law
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