Lumberjacks In Love - Keynote Anniversary, AI Book Narration, Broadcom
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iPhone announcement anniversary. Keynote introduction anniversary. Safari is released to the world. Apple releases audiobooks with AI narrators. Apple's dumping Broadcom, but keeping Qualcomm for now. Apple releases minimal in 2023, except for that headset. Picks of the Week Alex's Pick: Atomic Clock Leo's Pick: Foreca Andy's Pick: Algorithms to Live By Jason's Pick: Mela Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Alex Lindsay, and Jason Snell Download or subscribe to this show at Get episodes ad-free with Club TWiT at Sponsor:
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Published 10/03/23
The iPhone 15 Pro overheating is due to an iOS 17 bug, not hardware design, per Apple. Apple continues to cave into China's demands as it begins to enforce checks on its App Store in China. Plus, if you bought the original Apple Watch, especially the $17,000 gold version of the watch, you are out...
Published 10/03/23
Mikah Sargent is in for Leo Laporte, as Leo is out this week. Mikah and Jason Snell got the new iPhone 15 and share their experiences with the device. Are the reports of the iPhone 15 overheating accurate? And what's up with Apple's FineWoven cases?  Apple's updated portrait mode. Widespread...
Published 09/26/23