Dina Asher-Smith
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Today’s guest has changed the game when it comes to the thing she loves; Dina Asher-Smith is officially the fastest woman in British history! When you look at the sprint records Dina has smashed, it’s easy to think that it all comes easy to her, but in this episode, you’ll hear about the hard work, dedication and steely determination required to turn the thing you love into something you are one of the very best in the world at. Dina’s passions are not all sport related though - she’s modeled on the Paris catwalk, appeared in one of Dave’s music videos, and she has a top degree in History - and she chats to Tom about how expanding your horizons helps you gain perspective and maintain love for what you do. Dina is a world beater for a reason and she has so much wisdom to share - this episode is packed full of it!  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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