The rise of the (tax) resistance
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It’s Tax Day! Millions of Americans have already filed their 2023 returns, but today we’re talking about tax protesters and the moral and ethical reasons some refuse to file their taxes or pay what they owe. Plus, the “no landing” scenario has entered the chat. And, what are we getting wrong about the cosmos? Here’s everything we talked about today: “Taxes are due even if you object to government policies or doubt the validity of the 16th Amendment’s ratification” from The Conversation “Taxes 2024: I stopped paying taxes a decade ago. The results shocked me.” from Slate “‘The 401(k) industry owns Congress’: How lawmakers quietly passed a $300 billion windfall to the wealthy” from Politico “Fed Hiking Rates to 6.5% Is ‘Real Risk’ for UBS Strategists” from Bloomberg “March retail sales data show the American consumer is still pretty strong” from Axios “World’s top cosmologists convene to question conventional view of the universe” from The Guardian We love to hear from you. Send your questions and comments to [email protected] or leave us a voicemail at 508-U-B-SMART.
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