Biden doubling down on tariffs
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More tariffs from the Joe Biden administration on Chinese goods are on the way, and he gave his blessing to some Trump-era tariffs. We’ll break it down. Plus, why a story about a local public library becoming an adults-only space may be a warning of things to come. Later, we’ll weigh in on Chuck E. Cheese’s animatronic band, whales sinking yachts and “quiet vacationing” during a round of Half Full / Half Empty! Here’s everything we talked about today: “Biden Extends Tariff Exemptions on Some Imports From China” from Bloomberg “Donnelly Public Library announces it will become adults-only library, cites Idaho Legislature’s library bill” from KTVB “Employers can offer a new benefit: Matching student loan payments with 401(k) contributions” from Marketplace “After Outcry, Chuck E. Cheese Says It Will Keep More Animatronic Bands” from The New York Times “The Mad Scientist and the Killer Whales” from Rolling Stone “The restaurant reservation resale game is on the rise in New York City” from Marketplace “Some younger workers are ‘quiet vacationing’ rather than using PTO” from Marketplace Time is running out! Donate today to help us reach our fundraising goal and support public service journalism for all:
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